WELCOME to the continued exploration into the ideas and ideals expressed in my book ANN OF GREEN PASTURES.

We live in a Christian era called “paralysis by analysis” as a Catholic people. I hope OUR ?historical love story? will give people a little push toward courage to end analysis and take up action. That is to become part of an active, public solution.

Ann and I stepped out of that “paralysis of analysis” in 1970. (Can you make a similar step, today?) It was a momentous decision. That decision is the result of the book, ANN OF GREEN PASTURES.

The greatest complaint I hear continuously is the lack of a living Catholic public ?place? that lives on the ?edge? of the bureaucratic Catholic parishes, in paralysis. What people want is a ?public place? where loving, Catholic people meet to worship God, and serves the rejected by society and by myopic clericalism.

ANN OF GREEN PASTURES is a forbidden love story. It should never have taken place according to Catholic law. If we did not make this decision, to live on the edge of the paralyzed church, there would be no ANN OF GREEN PASTURES.

So, what do you think? Is there a ?place of green pastures? in your dreams, to live on the edge, and to accept love between a priest and wife? How shall we bring these dreams to life: a public alternative mission-community fixed on the edge of the Catholic Church for you, your children, friends, and altar?

There is no doubt in my mind there are many similar love stories like ANN OF GREEN PASTURES. The problem each love story is an individual cell, and separated from other loves. Jesus? mission mandates that we bring these individual love stories together in order to create a loving collective, a living resource for a collective good.

I would be glad to share my plan to build a place to house a public community for all to see and taste on the edge of the paralyzed Catholic bureaucracy. Are you ready to be Catholics un-paralyzed 4 change? Is your ?cup? ready?

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